Brenda Bennett – 2015

Featured vocalist and songwriter with both of Prince’s girl group projects, striking Gold with Vanity 6 and Platinum with Apollonia 6, and appearing in the hit movie “Purple Rain.” After a two-decade layoff, she returned to the scene with her first solo album in 2011.

Brenda Mosher began her recording career in 1973 for Columbia Records as a featured singer/songwriter with Rhode island’s Ken Lyon & Tombstone. She then took a job under her married name working for Prince in his wardrobe department where she was discovered by “The Purple One” who enlisted her for his girl-group project, Vanity 6. The group’s 1982 album was certified Gold and contained several hits.

In 1984, Vanity was replaced and the group became Apollonia 6. Their album went Platinum, they toured the world with Prince and also on their own, and Brenda had a speaking role in Prince’s movie “Purple Rain.” She retired in 1992 to raise her family, but returned to the scene in 2012 with her first solo album, “A Capella.” Her comeback continued with a major New York dance club hit, “Guiltier,” in 2013.

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