The Others – 2015

From 1964 to 1968, this group of college students became one of the top bands in the Northeast, released three records for two major labels, and still managed to stay in school.

garagebFormed in 1965 by five college students (guitarists Jim DeStout and Mike Brand, drummer Mike Patalano and vocalist Pete Shepley from URI and bassist John Costa from Brown), the band became one of the most popular acts in the Northeast, enjoyed three national releases on two major labels, and still managed to stay in school! Their RCA 45s, “I Can’t Stand This Love, Goodbye” (1965) and “Lonely Street” (1966), are internationally recognized as two of the greatest garage band singles of the ‘60s. Costa left in ’66 and was replaced by Bob Johnson for a final single on Jubilee in 1967. After two more lineup changes, Bob Angell replaced Brand and Joe Parisi stepped in for Patalano, they enjoyed continued success through 1968. Shepley and Brand went on to form the Kiss precursor band Chelsea with drummer Peter Criss releasing an LP for Decca in 1970.

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