Bill Flanagan – 2013

Music critic and historian is one of the biggest supporters of Rhode Island artists and has proven himself an innovator in music broadcasting with VH1 “Storytellers” and CMT “Crossroads.

Born in Warwick, Bill began his life’s work as a dedicated music fan and record collector who parlayed his knowledge and passion into a career as a critic, reviewer and musicologist for all of the major periodicals in Rhode Island in both the “underground” and mainstream press. His positive spin on, support for, and coverage of Rhode Island artists helped lead the way to many a record deal by promoting our local acts to the national mainstream.

Bill went on to become a celebrated writer for Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, GQ and Esquire and was Editor In Chief of Musician in its heyday. He is the author of seven books (four novels based around the music business and 3 non-fiction works on U2, The Three Stooges, and important songwriters). He is currently Executive Vice President and Editorial Director of the MTV Networks where he has helped propel music programming into the future with such innovations as “Storytellers” and “Crossroads.”ifetime Achievement Award and in 2015 an Honorary Degree from Hamilton College.

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