Eddie Zack & the Hayloft Jamboree – 2013

Introduced country music to New England, became a national act recording for Decca and Columbia, and were the stars of a nationally broadcast NBC radio show.

The Zackarian family, of Providence – Edward (Eddie Zack), his brother Richard (Cousin Richie), and their sisters, Mercedes (Babs) and Marilyn (Maril) – pioneered the Country & Western music scene in Rhode Island and were major players in the introduction of the style into the Northeast.

During the 1940s and ’50s, they released dozens of successful recordings on Decca Records and Columbia Records. They were the stars of a nationally-broadcast NBC radio program originating from WJAR studios in downtown Providence, and they were also an established major nightclub and concert attraction.

The success of The Hayloft Jamboree continued on into the 1980s with a string of successful radio and television shows and a succession of independent record releases. Although Eddie and Richie have passed away, the tradition continues with Babs and Maril and Eddie’s daughter, Dotty Zack, leading new generations of country musicians into the future.

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