Roomful of Blues – 2012

One of the longest-running & most successful rhythm & blues horn bands in history, Roomful became the launching pad for many successful solo artists including Duke Robillard and Al Copley but has always managed to maintain their distinctive sound and international popularity.

For more than 43 years, Roomful of Blues has earned top accolades from music fans as well as from the music industry itself. They are one of most successful blues acts of the second half of the twentieth century with more than 20 albums in their catalog and have garnered five Grammy nominations as well as dozens of other awards over the course of their career.

Even with dozens of personnel changes over the decades, the band has not only managed to remain a top touring and recording act, but they have served as the launching platform for some of the country’s top blues artists including Duke Robillard, Al Copley, Fran Christina, Preston Hubbard, Lou Ann Barton, Ronnie Earl, Sugar Ray Norcia, Greg Piccolo and Curtis Salgado. With guitarist Chris Vachon leading the band for the past two decades, Roomful continues to play its distinctive brand of up-tempo horn driven R&B.

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