The Ascots – 2015

While students at Barrington High School in the mid-1960s, the band scored a major hit with “Midnight Hour” which sold thousands throughout New England. Three members went on to record an album for Buddah Records as Deviled Ham which is considered a psychedelic classic.

georgiebFormed at Barrington High in 1965, singer/guitarist Rick Desilets, lead guitarist Peter Mayhew, bassist Mark Vinbury, drummer Ted Medbury and organist Vinton Medbury found immediate success on the teen circuit. They released a series of singles produced by Big Al Pavlow for his Super Records label and the second, a cover of Wilson Pickett’s “Midnight Hour,” was a smash, selling thousands all over New England.

Poised to break nationally, the single collided at the New York border with a competing version by midwesterners Michael & The Messengers. When Rick and Peter left in ’68, the others continued as a trio (with Mark switching to lead), at first as The White Wash, then as Deviled Ham. In 1970, they finally got a national release with an LP for Buddah which is considered a psychedelic classic all over the world.

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